Dominic Maxwell, 19th February

'See the show in the West End - it takes all of ten seconds to be in its generous embrace. You stay there for the next 100 minutes: laughing, tapping your foot, wiping away tears, feeling good about humanity — what a rare, welcome feeling that is these days.'

'Irresistible and inspiring. It’s a musical that gets everything right.'

'I was still standing and cheering on the train home.'

'The best new musical since Hamilton... funny, fast and irresistibly open-hearted without being sappy.' (Times Hot List)

Alice Saville, 19th February

'A miraculous masterpiece.It’s totally, soul-feedingly wonderful.'

'It makes you look inwards to ask: what would I do in their place?'

'It’s gentle uncynical warmth spills off the stage, extending a hug to an audience that wouldn’t dream of turning it away.'

'A beautifully crafted hymn to the power of community.'

Sarah Hemming, 20th February

'This musical is a gem, a tonic, and a reminder of what matters.'

'A moving, irresistible show that unapologetically champions kindness.'

John Nathan, 20th February

'An award-winning tribute to the generosity of the good people of Gander.'

Stefan Kyriazis, 19th February

'This show is a foot-stomping, heart-warming TRIUMPH!'

'It will make you laugh, cry and leave the theatre full of hope.'

'By the time it reaches the end there was simply no question the entire audience would rise as one. United.'

'Come from near, come from far, come from away - just make sure you come and see this show.'

Henry Hitchings, 19th February

'A hymn to the power of community.'

'A real generosity of spirit.'

Tim Bano, 19th February

'Moving, uplifting and life-affirming.'

'It hammers home that essential message – that wherever we’re from, we’re all human.'

'It’s hard not to be moved by a show this strong, and one that proves how good intentions can pave the way to heaven, or at least a higher form of humanity.'

'Incredibly moving and uplifting Canadian musical based on a true story of kindness.'

Marianka Swain, 18th February

'Its heartfelt message is more necessary than ever.'

'A triumph of ensemble storytelling that packs an emotional punch.'

'Come From Away is this year’s must-see musical.'

Stacey Williams, 20th February

'A must-see musical that’s a life-affirming celebration of human decency.'

'This carefully crafted musical expertly treads the line between uplifting and heart-wrenching.'

James Fitzgerald, 19th February

'A parable many will see as fit for our times.'

'It has a feelgood factor that simply doesn't let-up. In divided times, that's a powerful antidote indeed.'

Simon Button, 20th February

'It’s witty as well as poignant, funny as well as sad - a show that grounds its characters in one spot but takes flight as a truly uplifting piece of musical theatre.'

Mark Shenton, 19th February

'Come From Away is in a category of its own: a genuinely original musical, that is full of heart, truth and genuine emotion.'

'It's a show with an impact that’s difficult to describe: it feels like it creeps up on you unawares, before flooring you with emotion. I was just overwhelmed - and judging by the cheers and tears on the opening night, most of the audience seemed to be, too.'

Douglas Mayo, 19th February

'Just go see Come From Away! Five stars just doesn’t seem enough!'

'But a tour-de-force with an ensemble cast that us unequalled in the West End at this moment in time.'

'Come From Away is an extraordinary story of ordinary people making an extraordinary difference. Has to be seen to be believed.'

'Buy a ticket, suspend your disbelief and I guarantee you will walk out a better human being.'

'What I found was a spark of hope, especially in today’s troubling times, that when called people might just surprise you with an unfetted display of human kindness.'